I’ve been coming to see Justine for a few months now after a rather traumatic life event. She has been an incredible support during a very difficult time.

Justine has helped me to see things more clearly and process my feelings in a gentle way. I have felt totally at ease with her, allowing me to share exactly what comes up for me to say in the sessions. I always come out feeling lighter and happier. Justine gives me space to say what’s needed and I never feel judged.

Justine is professional, kind, caring, and patient and I couldn’t recommend her highly enough.

WC, Bookham

Justine provides a safe, non-judgemental and friendly space to work through whatever might be on your mind – big or small.


It’s provided me with rare, dedicated time to focus on myself and simply give airtime to challenging thoughts, feelings and considerations that would otherwise go ignored or ‘filed away for later’ – and feed into much bigger issues further down the line. 


She helped me come through a difficult time and state of mind that felt so complex, all at my own pace and, ultimately, via my own thought process and conclusions. She doesn’t advise or proffer quick fix hacks (no matter how much you might ask!) – she truly listens, asks the right questions and shines a light on a path that was always there but couldn’t quite been seen in the dark.


My time with Justine now helps me stay balanced and able to deal more effectively with the usual pressures and challenges, and feel better equipped to face tougher times as and when they arise.   


 SD, Ashtead

Following the breakdown of my marriage, I'd lost my sense of purpose, I was at a real low and trying hard to make sense of so many things (questioning myself in many ways). Knowing I needed to seek professional help, I contacted several counselors and decided that Justine was the right 'fit' for me.

Justine worked hard with me so that over time I had the tools for 'me' to understand 'me'.


From there, I was able to re-build and re-set what's important to me. Often, I now see, understand, and react to things differently (compared to how I would have previously). No change in personality - just a better 'me' with a different outlook on life.

From personal experience, I would say that Justine brings a multitude of skills, and I can only positively recommend her for anyone with ‘headspace’ issues.

NY, Ashtead